Travato Service

We specialize in performing Lithium battery and Inverter installation in 59G and 59K models of the Winnebago Travato, but also work on other Winnebago models and provide additional repair and upgrade services such as:

Current Rates

As of October 2022, rates have been changed to include travel fee.

Note: rates are updated periodically as needed.


When your service is completed, a detailed bill (via PayPal invoice) will be sent to your email address. You can pay online with PayPal if you would like, but we also accept cash, checks, and credit cards through a card reader for payment.

Getting Service

To get on our service schedule for any work from a minor repair or mod to a full Lithium upgrade, please fill out this SERVICE SIGNUP FORM . There is no obligation once signed up, and you can cancel anytime. We will only charge you once your service is completed.

For instructions on how to begin a Lithium and Inverter installation, please also read: Lithium and Inverter installation by STGNET as GDOC or PDF which includes a detailed shopping list of items to obtain from BattleBorn (for installs not performed at B-Haven). It also includes fixed pricing for B-Haven installs.

After filling out the service form, Crystal will be in contact with you (usually within a week) to confirm scheduing options. For any questions on scheduling or service options, please email us:

Note: We are generally booked months in advance. Plese consider these helpful tips:

Otherwise, plese sign up as early as possible and we appreciate your patience with how long it takes us to get to your job.


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System Status

Just for fun, this is the status of our Victron System, which consists of: