ARANA BFC135L Compressor Fridge

This 12v compressor fridge replaces the Dometic RML8330 model three-way fridge. It fits in the same cabinet space with some minor adjustments and operates only on 12 volts DC power. The freezer and fridge have individual adjustable temperature settings with the display showing the current temperature in celsius. The freezer is twice the capacity of the Dometic, and the fridge is about the same volume. The fridge costs $1200 when picked up at our B-Haven facility in Hohenwald Tennesse, or we can also install it for $1400. Shipping costs can be expensive (as much as $500) it is 95 lbs in a 25 x 20 x 53 box. It will be shipped Fedex unless other arrangements have been made.

This fridge is compatible with Travato "G" from 2014 through 2018, as well as other makes such as Pleasure-Way that have the same Dometic RML8330 model originally installed.

NOTE: Due to freight delivery problems, this fridge is not currently available. We have asked the manfuacturer to arrange stock in the U.S. to make it quicker and easier to purchase, but have no ETA. As soon as it is available again we will send out a newsletter and update this page, and then do our best to keep them in stock.

Installation Instructions for Travato: Google Doc PDF

Installation Instructions for Pleasureway: Google Doc PDF

Specifications and additional pictures

SDC-5 ABS Shower Drain Cover

This ABS 3D printed plastic shower drain cover fills the depression in the floor of the Travato 59G (2014-2021). It also prevents larger particles being sucked into the drain pump without slowing the water flow, which allows removal of the pump filter that can easily clog. Install by removing the original cover and screwing it down over the drain hole fitting -- press down while turning until tight.

This part is compatible with Travato "G" from 2014 through 2021 including the G, GL, and NPF GL models. See SDC-16 below for 2022 and later G models, also K models.

NOTE: This part replaces the SDC-1 original Shower Drain Cover and is the same design, but manufacturered with ABS instead of PLA plastic which may degrade with long term exposure to water.

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SDC-16 ABS Shower/Sink Drain Cover

This ABS 3D printed plastic shower and sink drain cover fills the shower drain in all Travato 59K/KL years, also 59G/GL in 2022 and subsequent years. It also fits most sink drains used in all years of both Travato models. It prevents larger particles being sucked into the drain without slowing the water flow. It also makes it less distrubing to step on the drain hole when showering. Installed by simply removing any existing cover or plug and pushing it into the drain hole. Remove by using a sharp object to pry up at the side lip.

This part is compatible with Travato "K" all years and Travato "G" from 2022 through current.

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Winnebago Travato 59G 59K Tank Fill Plug

*** NOTE: PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED *** Please use this product instead from
This 3D printed plastic tank fill plug is a replacement for the standard black fresh water tank plug. With a large handle it is easier to operate, and can be secured with a rope to prevent accidental loss.

STG.NET Thermostatic Bathroom Faucet TBF-1

This faucet is a replacement for the Travato 59G and 59GL (prior to 2022) bathroom faucet. It has separate flow rate and temperature control knobs. The flow rate knob allows smooth adjustment from a trickle to full blast. The temperature control knob sets the desired temperature (in Celsius) and automatically adjusts the mix to keep the temperature close to the target. The faucet fits the bathroom sink perfectly, with the aerator at the end of the J shaped spout positioned over the center of the bowl. The spout is also able to swivel out of the way as needed, and includes a diverter and hose for connecting to a shower head. You can use the supplied shower head or the original as desired. Installation is easy but does require some additional parts (see installation instructions for the details). This is not compatible with the K or KL model bathroom, although it can be used as a replacement kitchen faucet in any model.

NOTE: This part is not sold online by us, but is usually available here: DE-002 from DudaDiesel. If unavailable there, contact to inquire about custom ordering it.

Installation Instructions: Google Doc PDF

STG.NET Converter Boost Plug CBP-1

This jumper wire plugs into the Progressive Dynamics PD9245C Converter to keep it forced into Boost mode (14.4 volts) for use with Lithium batteries. Simply plug it into the accessory port (normally used with the pendant) and the converter is switched into the equivalent of a 45 amp Lithium comaptible charger good for Battle Born and other LiFePo4 batteries. Note that when upgrading to an inverter with it's own charge function such as the Victron 3000, the converter must be disabled or removed, and this plug is then not needed.

NOTE: Do NOT use this with AGM batteries!

Installation Instructions: Google Doc

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Stainless Steel Battery Trays

These trays are custom build from stainless steel, and mount in place of the original thin sheet metal battery trays using the same bolts, but each carries two batteries for a total of four. These are designed for the BattleBorn BB10012 or BB10012H model Lithium batteries. It provides a way to mount 400 amp-hours of usable power in the place of the original two AGM batteries that only provided 100 usable amp-hours. Available for both 59G and 59K models. Manufacturered by Shapecutting Specialties of Texas.

To order, contact Rodney at:

(214) 202-3701

Induction Cooktop Adapter ICA-1

Stainless steel adapter ring fits the hole in the counter from the Dometic CE99 2 Burner propane stove, allowing a True Induction model TI-1B single induction burner to be installed. Recommended for use with an L model or upgraded inverter only. Will work with 1000 watt inverter, but not at top power levels.

This is compatible with all Travato models that have the two burner gas stove, and also any RV using the same Dometic CE99 stove. When removing the gas stove the propane hose must be properly capped off, and an outlet for the electric induction stove installed under the counter for it to plug into.

NOTE: The induction burner model True Induction TI-1B must be purchased separately.

NOTE: This part is no longer available through Amazon. To order, contact Rodney at:

(214) 202-3701

Installation Instructions: Google Doc

Summit Hinge Limiter

Two part metal hinge limiter installs on rear RAM Promaster door hinges to prevent opening past about ninety degrees. Install on both hinges for door with extra weight such as bike rack, just on lower hinge for door only. Introduced at GNR '21. Compatible with all years and models of Travato.

Installation Instructions: coming soon

To order, contact Summit at:

1-800-329-2958 and ask for part 106904-A

RPS-3 Remote Pump Switch Kit

This kit includes a pushbutton switch with a blue led indicator ring for turning the water pump on and off. Compatible with all Travato models except the 2014 and 2015 G. Includes switch, wires, connectors, and instruction sheet. Can be installed by connecting wires to pump control module or to rear pump switch wires.

Installation Instructions: PDF

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