Winnebago Travato 59G Shower Drain Cover

This 3D printed plastic shower drain cover fills the depression in the floor of the Travato 59G (all years). It also prevents larger particles being sucked into the drain pump without slowing the water flow, which allows removal of the pump filter that can easily clog. Install by removing the original cover and screwing it down over the drain hole fitting -- press down while turning until tight.

This part is compatible with all years of Travato "G" including the G, GL, and NPF GL models.

Note: This part is in high demand and there may be 1-3 week delay before receiving your order

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Winnebago Travato 59G 59K Tank Fill Plug

This 3D printed plastic tank fill plug is a replacement for the standard black fresh water tank plug. With a large handle it is easier to operate, and can be secured with a rope to prevent accidental loss.