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About B-Haven

B-Haven is what we call our property which is just south of Hohenwald Tennessee and adjacent to the Natchez Trace Parkway. We stock many common parts at this location for easy upgrades and repairs including Lithium batteries, inverters, solar panels, air conditioners, awnings, toilets, etc. Most service requires a completed service request form and a confirmed appointment.

When visiting, consider taking the Natchez Trace Parkway for a pleasant scenic drive. We are located almost 2 hours south of Nashville, and about 5 minutes south of the Meriwether Lewis exit on the Trace. Take the Napier Road exit, stay to the right around the curve and under the 11 foot bridge, go past the Natchez Trace Thousand Trails campground entrance on the left, and then the next left is Powell Road -- take that to the end of the road and come down to the barn for service.

We have water, sewer, and some limited electric power available, and always welcome our customers to stay over prior and/or after service. There is also a free "B-Haven Guest" wifi without password that is on gigabit fiber. Pets are welcome, we have nearly 4 acres to roam.

Additional facilities we are working on but not yet ready: We are also working on dismantling the old house on the property and converting the remaining metal outbuildings into additional public outdoor spaces. We have a log cabin kit on order which should arrive in 2025 which will be our new house.

Note: The drive to B-Haven includes a low clearance (11 ft) bridge if approaching from the West or via the Natchez Trace. For taller rigs, please approach from the South via US-64 to TN-241, or from the North or East via TN-240 to TN-241 rather than TN-20. I recommend avoiding Railroad Bed road, as well as any road with "Creek" in the name. Deliveries by semi trailer are strongly recommended to use US-64/TN-241 or TN-20/TN-240/TN-241 to approach Powell from the South. Do not take TN-99 (Buffalo Road) from Hohenwald to avoid the low clearance bridge under the Trace!

The B-Haven Barn

The Barn has a center garage section that I am working on getting ready so that vans can be pulled in for service work. As a part of that, I've installed a Victron inverter and solar panels (with storage in an array of old AGM batteries) to provide power to everything using solar first, then the grid. This is the status of that system, just for fun.